Why choose Bioclear®? Bioclear® is a unique method that utilizes injection-molded composite to literally shrink-wrap your tooth resulting in seamless, smooth and leak-free fillings and veneers. The result is a rejuvenated smile that feels natural and looks beautiful.

What to Expect

A comprehensive exam and review of necessary images to determine any active disease process that needs to be addressed. If you would like to make cosmetic improvements to your teeth, this is the time we would review those goals and see if Bioclear® would help you achieve the desired result.  

Why choose Bioclear®?

If you have been told that you need crowns, Bioclear® may be the alternative you have been looking for! While crowns continue to be an important and necessary part of dentistry, sometimes it is wiser to add to your tooth instead of drill it away and that is where Bioclear® comes in.